Saturday, January 27, 2007

A female perspective.

Scenario: Danielle is getting ready for a night on the town with her boyfriend when her friend phones her...

The clattering drew Dani's eye to the other side of the oaken tabletop. Her phone, set on vibrate, was ringing. It skittered along the table and fell to the floor with a smack. Dani quickly put down the lipstick and scooped up her cell. She read the small display screen and flipped the phone open to be greeted by a picture of Mikaela.
"Danielle! I hope that wasn't your new floor!" Her dad yelled.
"No! It's fine!" she called back. She didn't want to anger her dad. He just paid a lot of money to get her new hardwood floor installed. She loved the sheen of it in the sun's rays, filling her bedroom with a golden colour.
"Hey Mika! What's up? How did that piano thing go?"
"My recital? It's later tonight, I hope it goes well! I still can't believe you aren't gonna come!"
Dani rolled her eyes and retrieved the lipstick, looking once again into the large mirror on the wall. "You know it's mine and Jared's anniversary, he's taking me out for the evening. I can't say no to him and you know it." Her green eyes looked back at her from the mirror; the left one slightly lighter than the right. She wanted to get contact lenses to fix that, she hated her eyes. But Jared liked them, or so he said. Bright One he called her. My Bright One, we have to go out tomorrow night. Be ready at 7 for your dreams to come true.
The thought of his voice made her spine tingle in delight. She had no idea what he was planning, but she wouldn't miss it for the world.
"Bring him to my recital! You'd both enjoy it," she teased, knowing Dani would do no such thing.
Her bedroom was feeling so warm of a sudden. Smacking her lips to even out the make-up, she strode to the window and opened it; her blue skirt swishing against her calves. A gust of cool air swept in, raising goosebumps on Dani's arms. The sky was darkening, the orange and red glow of the sunset striking the autumn leaves in a beautiful spectacle. Her stomach fluttered, and not for the cold air, she couldn't wait for Jared to pull into the driveway below in his slick black convertible he loved almost as much as her. Though he would never say such a thing, she never saw a spot of dirt on it.
She glanced at her wrist, the sparkling false-silver watch telling her it was only 6:54 p.m.
"Oh, Mika, he's so wonderful, I don't know I'd do without him."
"You'd come to your senses is what. Don't you ever get tired of mooning over him?"
"No sooner than you would get tired of your music. We each have our own passions in life... and Jared is mine. I think we might get married." She smiled at the thought, his pretty face gazing up at hers from bended knee as he searched for the words to match the small box in his hand. She would say yes, of course. It all seemed like a fairy tale sometimes, and we will live happily ever after.
"Well, I need to get back and practice once more. Wish me luck and have a good night with Jared."
"Good luck Mika, tell me how it goes all right?"
"I will. See you at school on monday?"
"Same time, same place."
"Ok." The phoneline went dead, and Dani flipped the cell shut. She walked back to the mirror and set her phone on the table. Taking a deep breath, she placed her hand across her stomach to settle the fluttering. Is that what he meant? Will he propose tonight?
Her thoughts were interrupted by the sharp blast of a horn. She glanced out the window to see a small black car pull into the driveway. The roof was down and the back seat was filled with roses. Her breath caught and the butterflies started all over. Oh Jared she thought as she descended the stairs to the main floor, and it was the last coherent thought of the night as she let a grin fall into place upon her lips.

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