Sunday, February 18, 2007

a prayer..

I wrote this in response to how crappy I felt. It has a nice ring of submission in it.

In your love, destroy me

I hate this.
This, this sin.
This, my own self.
For what this sin has made me,
for what I always have been.
This sin that is part of me,
that is me.

You say you hate this,
this sin.
You hate the taint,
that mars this beauty (as you call me...)

In your love, destroy me.
In your love, shatter me,
may there be nothing of myself left,
that everything that has been, or could ever be,
is completely obliterated.

And also, Lord,
in your love, make me.
This is what we both want.
This is what we've both been aiming for.
I don't know why we keep missing.

Whatever the cost; my life,
or everything except that.
Lord, in your love, break me.
To my knees,
that I may never stand (on my own) again.


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